Dr. Travis Caddell, DDS

Do you pull teeth?

Dr. Caddell performs many types of oral surgery procedures, including tooth extraction. Our goal is to keep your teeth in a healthy state so that they remain intact for life. But circumstances may make tooth extraction our only option. If necessary, we can do emergency extractions the same day at our Graham dental office.

There are several situations where extraction may be necessary:

  • Severe decay or periodontal infection that has damaged most of the tooth
  • Dental trauma or injury
  • Fracture of the tooth below the gumline
  • Overcrowded teeth
  • Preparation for orthodontics or dentures

We know that tooth extraction can be stressful for many patients, and we are pleased to offer sedation dentistry to help you get through the procedure with as little anxiety as possible. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) and oral sedation are both effective options that are helpful for most people. Dr. Caddell will discuss these options and help you make the decision as to which is best for you.

Our compassionate team of professionals has assisted with many extractions and has the experience needed to make sure you stay calm and comfortable. If you are in pain and believe that you may need a tooth pulled, please contact our Graham dental office as soon as possible. We will see you as quickly as we can to make sure you get the relief you need.

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